Investor Relations

Investment case

The Waco International strategy is to deliver sustainable growth while de-risking the Group’s profile through focused diversification in equipment rental and industrial services across geographies. Waco International’s efforts to diversify, have made the Group more resistant to external shocks. This was achieved through annuity income, long-term contractual revenue streams and geographical split.

We will deliver sustainable growth through:

Focused diversification

In equipment rental and industrial services across geographies

Increasing contractual revenue

Increasing annuity and long-term contractual revenue

Growing smaller businesses

Scaling up our smaller businesses organically or via acquisitions

Capitalising on construction opportunities

While growing the non-construction businesses to be the greater contributors to Group profit

Becoming cost leaders

Transforming construction businesses into cost leaders

Strengthening our differentiation

Strengthening the differentiation strategy of our businesses


Diversifying to offer a natural hedge against currency volatility

Maximising our resources

Maximising the use of Group resources and leveraging our asset base

Driving innovation

Driving technological progress through innovation


Demonstrable track record of financial performance even in adverse market conditions

Diversified business model with multiple growth drivers

Market leader with established brands and proven longevity

Scale and geographical reach

Established presence in current and future growth markets

Established and experienced management team

Proven ability to collaborate with partners

Strong cash position providing the ability to fund acquisitions