Group Overview

Waco’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic brought many challenges and highlighted the Group’s agility and adaptability to change, which allows us to sustain and successfully manage the business.


Cash and liquidity

  • Group-wide initiatives to reduce spend and protect liquidity
  • Continuing of a new decontamination service, growing our humanitarian efforts and Group revenue
  • Access to R1 billion in cash and facilities as at 30 June 2021


Managing expenditure and viability

  • Implemented a three-month salary cut across the board, resulting in zero retrenchments due to the pandemic
  • Secured government aid e.g. TERS, ETI and JobKeeper
  • Refined, adapted and changed our business strategies
  • Implemented short-term discretionary spend cuts
  • Readjusted budgets for the 2022 financial year based on updated scenarios


Protecting key assets and value drivers

  • Changed the way we interact with customers and do business
  • Protected our employees’ health, safety and income