Group Overview

Our People

Waco International has over 8,500 employees globally. To remain competitive, the Group attracts, develops and retains the required expertise at all levels. Employees are required to commit to the Code of Ethics, which governs the behaviour and practices necessary for the business to function ethically and sustainably. Talented individuals are identified at all levels within the Group for promotion into positions that are strategically important or require unique skills. These employees are enrolled in development programmes.

The Waco Africa Cadet Scheme

Providing high-potential individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds with core business skills. Waco is also sponsoring seven university students in civil engineering, mechanics and logistics.

Business Leaders Development Programme

A six-month curriculum targeted at high-performing or promising managers that provides skills development in key areas such as finance, contract management, project management and people management.

Executive Development Programme

In partnership with The GIBS Institute in South Africa, Waco International offers high-performing senior managers exposure to leading global strategic thinking and the operational tools to execute strategic goals. The course is customised to the Group’s needs.

111 Cadets enrolled to date

22 Successful placements

247 Graduates to date

150 Graduates to date

Employee Wellness

South African employees are offered an established Employee Wellness Programme (EWP), that provides confidential support and assistance to employees and their direct family members. To date over 2 500 employees have enrolled.