As a committed corporate citizen, Waco International continues to support and empower the individuals, businesses and communities they serve by maintaining the highest standards of sustainability.

Initiatives and interventions are grouped under the following key areas:

SGB-Cape at Kusile Power Station Boiler 4


Waco International aims to achieve zero harm in the work environments under its control and supervision. The Group instils a values-based, common sense approach to safety to achieve its goal of zero harm.



Waco International’s ability to attract, retain and develop human capital throughout the Group supports the achievement of its strategic goals. The employee value proposition combines transparency and engagement, fair remuneration, training and development. Management owns 11.94% of the Group’s ordinary shares, ensuring their continued alignment with the strategy.

The overview consists of six sub-sections, listed below, each of which records the Group’s performance in a material social and environmental sustainability matter.

SkyJacks suspended platform training

Sanitech’s innovative SaniTunnel


Transformation is a strategic imperative for Waco International.

Waco Africa achieved a Level 2 B-BBEE rating effective until November 2019.

The Waco Africa Cadet Scheme provides high-potential individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds with core business skills.

Waco is sponsoring seven university students in civil engineering, mechanics and logistics.



Waco International accepts its responsibility to protect environmental resources and endeavours to minimise its impact with monitoring, incident reporting and continuous operational efficiency improvements. The group recognises that it can reduce costs by lowering its consumption of fuel, power and raw materials. This has resulted in the creation of resource-efficient products.


Innovation is integral to Waco International’s culture and intellectual capital and supports the achievements of the Group’s growth objectives.



The Group revised its approach to corporate social investment (CSI) to ensure a long-term sustained intervention rather than a “hand out”.

CSIs are allocated to projects that support communities in need, employ workers from communities near the Group’s work operations and participate in the upliftment of local communities. Waco Africa provides an ABET programme for employees which improves basic literacy and numeracy skills.

The Waco International Charitable Foundation, established in 2007 with a donation from management, aims to provide the children of permanent full-time employees with tertiary education bursaries. Since its inception more than 100 students have benefited.

Growing minds in the education sector