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The sustainability overview of Waco International reports on the economic, environmental and social impacts of the Group’s business activities. The overview consists of six sub-sections, listed below, each of which records the Group’s performance in a material social and environmental sustainability matter.

Waco International is responsible for the safety and health of its employees and visitors to its business premises. The Group’s ultimate goal is to achieve zero harm in the work environments under its control and supervision. It instills a values-based, common sense approach to safety to achieve this goal, while ensuring that its safety management processes and procedures remain appropriate and effective in making its work environments safer.

The achievement of Waco International’s strategic goals depends on its ability to attract, retain and develop human capital throughout the Group. Employees of Waco International are offered an employee value proposition that combines transparency and engagement, fair remuneration, training and development with a partnership based on shared goals to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Waco International considers transformation a strategic imperative. The Group supports the need to transform its South African workforce in line with the requirements of the revised B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, and continues to focus on measures to achieve meaningful transformation, while also aiming to achieve demographic representation in the countries in which it operates.

Waco International accepts its responsibility to protect environmental resources and endeavours to minimise its impact with monitoring, incident reporting and continuous operational efficiency improvements. The Group recognises that by reducing its consumption of fuel, power and raw materials it can reduce costs. This realisation has resulted in the creation of resource-efficient products during the course of the development of new growth initiatives.

Innovation is embedded in Waco International’s culture and intellectual capital and plays an important role in the achievement of the Group’s growth objectives. Employees of Waco International are motivated to continually identify and develop innovative growth opportunities and to apply the Continuous Improvement ethos in improving the efficiency of operational processes.

Waco International is committed to responsible corporate citizenship. The Group invests in projects to support communities in need, employs workers from communities near to its work operations and encourages its businesses to participate in the upliftment of communities in which they operate. Waco Africa provides an ABET programme for employees and oversees an education fund to provide children of employees with tertiary education bursaries.

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