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Waco Africa
A Level 2 BBBEE Supplier

Why is black ownership important?
Government and State Owned Enterprises have made it a prerequisite that suppliers are black owned. Having 51.81% black equity, Waco Africa is the only sizable supplier of formwork and scaffolding in South Africa to have achieved this level. Corporations are also placing a greater emphasis on preferred suppliers that are a minimum of 51% black owned.

What are the benefits of working with an Empowering Supplier?
As Waco Africa is an Empowering Supplier, 125% of your total spend can be claimed when calculating the Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) spend on your BBBEE scorecard.

And working with a 51% Black Owned Supplier?
Your full spend can be claimed again, doubling your ESD scorecard investment.

What does a 125% procurement recognition level mean?
A Rand spent on Waco Africa products and services cou nts as R1,25 when calculating your ESD score.

How important is it to work with black owned suppliers?
Apart from the BBBEE Scorecard benefits, your support of black owned suppliers can be sold on positively to the ultimate client. It is also a reflection of your commitment to transformation, growth and sustainability within South Africa.

Who owns Waco Africa (Pty) Ltd
We are jointly owned by Waco International Pty Ltd (74.9%) and Bopa Moruo (25.1%) combining an effective 51.81% black economic ownership. This includes 19.94% of our equity being owned by black women and 11.81% falling into the Black Designated Ownership group.

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