A new accommodation block at Stafford Barracks form part of a £100m contract – 5 May 2014

Premier Interlink (Waco UK Ltd) is a leading modular building manufacturer in the UK with over 55 years’ experience in off-site construction – a proven, high quality method of construction in the defence sector.

Working with Lend Lease, the integrated property and infrastructure group, Premier Interlink have been successful in securing a new project build for MOD base Beacon Barracks in Staffordshire which will house over 400 soldiers on their return home from Germany.

The 6 modular, steel framed, accommodation blocks, built off-site at Premier Interlink’s factory in East Yorkshire, will provide high quality living accommodation for single living, Junior Ranks.

Each of the 6 blocks will be 3 storeys high, constructed from 45 modular bays and provide communal areas and 72 bedrooms – equating to a total of 432 bedrooms and 270 modular bays for the entire project.

On-site installation for each building will only take 2 weeks, demonstrating that modular construction is able to provide a rapid accommodation solution by delivering bedrooms at a rate of 20+ per week.

This volumetric building approach enables factory efficiencies to be factored into the programme, providing additional cost benefits to the client.

The outstanding project for Premier Interlink follows on from the successful delivery of other SLAM (Single Living Accommodation Modernisation) projects at RAF Benson, RAF Coningsby, RAF Wyton and a defect-free handover at RAF Chicksands – for which we recently negotiated a further phase project.

The project, for Lend Lease, is part of a wider £100 million accommodation plan for two signal regiments returning from their army bases in Germany, a project Premier Interlink are especially proud to be involved in.

Premier Interlink have designed an innovative lifting frame and carousel which significantly improves safety for site personnel working at heights and is also easily adapted to suit numerous module sizes.

This is a high risk activity for construction of this type and Lend Lease had previously raised this issue with their sub-contractors as an area of major concern and are therefore delighted with the innovative solution provided by Premier Interlink.

The safety carousel sits on top of the modules with the lifting frame and equipment carrying out the main lift. The carousel has safety access gates and once the module is in place the operatives can access the module roof and carousel and carry out key activities without the need to be reliant on safety harnesses at all times.